Peachtree Audio iDac

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High-resolution 32bit, 24/192 multi-input DAC
with PURE DIGITAL iPod dock.

Now it's easy to bring your preamplifier, receiver or integrated amplifier into the Computer Age with the Peachtree Audio iDac. The iDac is a stand-alone DAC featuring a PURE DIGITAL iPod dock, delivering nothing but 1s and 0s from your iPod directly to its high-resolution digital-to-analog converter. The iDac has four additional high-resolution digital inputs for your computer, Apple TV, cable box, Sonos or any other digital source. You'll hear the difference instantly and the improvement is guaranteed to be nothing less than startling!

High-Resolution Digital Audio

The iDac features a 24bit/96kHz high-resolution USB input for audio from your computer. Until now, recording engineers were the only group to hear music at this resolution on a regular basis. Now you can, too. The iDac is plug-n-play, so you'll never have to search the web for elusive, hard-to-install USB drivers. The setup is simple and will easily outperform your redbook CD player all from the computer you use every day! When you experience the 24bit/192kHz resolution available through the iDac's coaxial input, you enter a whole new world! It's like 3D for your ears, finally approaching the open musicality of vinyl records, but with a signal-to-noise ratio that a turntable could never match. Even standard MP3 recordings take on new life and sound better than you've ever heard them!


The iDac includes both component and S-video outputs. Place your iPod into the dock and watch TV shows, movies and YouTube all on your HDTV. Or gather round after a big day and watch the movies you've created on the fly with your new iPod touch. Add just the right playlist for atmosphere and enjoy home movies like never before!

Made for:
iPod touch (1st and 2nd generation)
iPod classic (80GB,120GB,160GB only)
iPod nano (2nd, 3rd, 4th and5th generation)

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