Resonessences Labs Invicta Mirus Pro DAC/Preamp

American Hi-Fi is proud to offer the Canadian brand - Resonessence Labs.

New for June 2016 the MIRUS now uses the ESS 9028PRO DACs two of them.
MIRUS Dynamic Range exceeds 130dB and THD+Noise exceeds 114dB.

The Resonessence Invicta Mirus Pro DAC and Pre-Amplifier offers a sound that you will have never heard before. The immersive soundstage and high build quality will make you fall in love with it as soon as you come in contact. Offering an all in one, impressive solution due to it's built in SD Card reader, you can load your favourite songs and enjoy the Invicta as a standalone unit by connecting it to an existing preamplifier or secondly you can fall in love with its sonic ability by connecting up an active pair of loudspeakers.

Due to the implementation of 2 of the world renowned ESS Sabre 9028PRO chips the Invicta Mirus DAC offers amazing performance and functionality with 8 DACs per channel offering exceptionally low noise. You can use either the XLR balanced output or the high quality SuperCu RCA output to connect the Invicta Mirus to an existing pre-amplifier or connect it directly to a power amplifier and listen to the full sonic capabilities on offer.

Sporting a stunning OLED display and a 720p HDMI output you will be able to see exactly the information you require at all times, with the built in ID3 reader, if the SD Card has album art and track information stored on it this will be output to your connected HDMI monitor.

The Invicta DAC/Pre is capable of receiving up to 32bit/384kHz signals on all of its inputs and enables you to enjoy all your high definition audio the way you should.

The USB interface is asynchronous and unlike many other DACs the Invicta requires no driver addons and is USB Audio Class 2.0/1.0 compatible and auto switches when it detects what it has been connected to.

The Resonessence Invicta DACs ultimate performance and excellent build quality will make you a very proud owner.

ESS has released the ESS9028PRO it is even better than the ES9018 it has rave reviews and sounds better then the prior generation.

Listen to the remarkable ESS9028PRO and experience it yourself. Resonessence moved quickly to upgrade the MIRUS product to include the ESS9028PRO, and the good news is that we will upgrade every MIRUS that we previously sold with the new 9028 for $1000US.

 Resonessences Labs Invicta Mirus Pro DAC/Preamp   
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