Class A100D3 Integrated Amplifier

$ 1299

Is this the best amplifier value on the market?
Quite possibly it is!
50 watts/ch CLASS A at this price!
Built-in 24/192 DAC

XTZ Sound Class A100 D3 is a unique amp, with both class A and class AB mode at a fantastic price.
Choose between 2 x 180 watts in class AB mode, or 2 x 50 watts in class A mode. Dynamic peak power is 2 x 350 watts.

Class A mode up to 50 watts
•Class AB mode for lower power consumption - selectable
•High current capacity - 62 Amperes
•Balanced symmetrical circuitry design
•High precisions volyme control (0,5dB)
•Newly developed ergonomic aluminum remote control
•Preamp out AND power amp in
•Modular construction with separately shielded boards for power supply, output stages, digital and analog sections
•Heavy chassis made from highly stable aluminium for effective heat dissipation
•22 kg
Output power class AB
2x110W 8 ohm RMS
2x180W 4 ohm RMS
2x300W 2 ohm RMS
Output power class A
2x50W 8 ohm RMS

Class A 100 D3 was designed to let you choose between class A mode for the best possible performance, or class AB for maximum power. A robust, yet technically advanced product offers you perfect balance between high performance and a long lifespan.

The Class A100 D3 can be used together with other amps and preamps thanks to the PRE OUT and AMP IN connections. For example, you can connect a D3 to drive the front speakers in a home cinema setup. There is also a SUB OUT to drive active subwoofers if desired.

XTZ was founded in 2004 and is basically a border-crossing network of engineers, technicians, manufacturers and producers - all having long experience from the HiFi business. This includes everything from manufacturing and development to marketing and sales.

Now available in Canada at American Hi-Fi
We ship anywhere in Canada.

 Class A100D3 Integrated Amplifier   

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