Aurender N100H Digital Music Player

Now on display in our Audio Room:

The Aurender N100H digital music player supports


and other major formats at native bit and sampling rates.

Equipped with a high performance USB digital audio output,

Ethernet port, 120GB solid-state drive for cached playback,

the N100H is also the ideal solution for playing

high resolution digital music collections from NAS.

120GB SSD for caching playback
2TB internal storage
Cached playback of internal and NAS contents
Clean USB audio class 2.0 output
Full linear power supply
Machined aluminum case
3.0 inch AMOLED display
Switchable for a variety of modes, including names
of artists and music titles
Gigabit Ethernet LAN Port for network connectivity
Award-winning Aurender App with convenient features
Remote internet technical support

Innovative Technology

The N100H digital music player incorporates many innovations originally developed for the higher priced Aurender S10 and W20 models, including a solid-state drive cache for playback which eliminates latency and drop-outs from NAS drives. The high performance USB digital audio output was developed using the same engineering as the USB outputs on the flagship Aurender W20.

Gigabit Ethernet LAN Port for Network Connectivity

For network connectivity, streaming, upgrades and file transfers, the N100H has a Gigabyte Ethernet port along with two USB 2.0 data ports for copying files from USB memories.

Aurender App with Convenient Features

The Aurender Condutor App turns the iPad into a versatile user interface for Aurender Music Players and makes managing, viewing and playing high resolution music collections a breeze. All settings and functions of the Aurender Music Server/Player can be easily accessed through the Settings menu of the Aurender App.

Android App(Lite Version) is also available.

AMM(Aurender Media Manager) - cover art & other meta-tag support for contents on the NAS

The Aurender Music Server/Player series could play contents on the NAS by file/folder browsing. With the help of AMM for PC/Mac, N100H and all other existing Aurender Music server series can display and use meta-tag information of the contents on the NAS the same as the content in the Aurender's internal Storage.

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 Aurender N100H Digital Music Player   
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