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Satellites :: Anthony Gallo A'Diva Satellites & Sub - Silver

6 A'Diva speakers with TR-1 Subwoofer

Home Surround Sound Has A Whole New Look and Sound

Looking for a slightly bigger home speaker system, complete with larger, more robust home audio speakers?

Look no farther than the A'Diva™ 6.1 package. 1" larger in diameter than our Nucleus Micro™ speaker, the A'Diva gives surround sound systems an extra degree of punch.

The perfect system for listening to your favorite "diva," this fleet of five of our 5" A'Diva home audio speakers coupled with our TR-1 subwoofer will certainly delight as well as stimulate.

The A'Diva can be positioned just about anywhere, including on a wall or ceiling, on any flat surface, or recessed in your wall or ceiling with the optional ceiling ring.
The A'Diva can also be used with the ultimate A’Diva mount - the elegant Wallflower™ stand.

Silver-Grey. Subwoofer color is also Silver-Grey

WARRANTY: One year parts and labor, 5 years on speakers and 2 years on subwoofer if product is registered within 60 days of purchase.*

sale price: $1600cdn
Satellites :: Anthony Gallo Acoustic A'Diva Ti -Silver

The new Anthony Gallo Acoustics A'Diva Ti loudspeaker is a 5-inch sphere.

The A'Diva Ti sports a frequency response of 76Hz- 22kHz when mounted on-wall (90Hz – 22kHz on stands), an 87dB sensitivity and a nominal impedance of 8 ohms.

Gallo specifies a 50-watt power handling (120 watts when used as "small" speakers in a surround-sound system).
The driver is Gallo's proprietary 3-inch full range pure titanium cone, hence the Ti designation.
The metal diaphragm is damped by a paper dust cap and optimized with S-2 technology.
Connectors are gold-plated binding posts with plastic nuts that accept bare wire, spades, bananas and pins.

The A'Diva Ti weighs in at 1.8 pounds each

This special is for the Silver model only.

Call or email for prices on other finishes.

sale price: $249 ea. cdn
:: NEW Sugden Masterclass Preamplifier - Model LA-4

BRAND NEW unopened SUGDEN Masterclass Preamplifier - Model LA-4

Masterclass Series

The award winning Masterclass series has been in continuous production for over seventeen years. During this time the family has grown and benefited from significant improvements and upgrades. Recent arrivals include an entry level power amplifier, digital converter and headphone pre-amplifier. Like all Sugden products each Masterclass is handmade at our factory in Yorkshire, England by a single highly skilled technician with many years experience.

Masterclass LA-4 Pre-amplifier:

A high quality active pre-amplifier featuring a host of inputs and outputs. The LA-4 makes a perfect combo with any high quality power amplifier. High-end touches include gold plated circuit boards, relay switching of all inputs and output and a sophisticated class A output stage. The LA-4 is a high gain amplifier that provides an iron fist of control over any power amplifier. The electronic circuitry has been developed to offer the best possible sonic performance without compromise including the use of specially selected transistors and capacitors to provide the best signal preservation. The gain stages are each powered by current shunt differential power supplies, which enable the fastest transients and most powerful crescendos with true musical empathy.


Inputs ​ Four line level inputs, one tape input, one balanced input, bypass input
Outputs Two line level outputs, fixed tape output, balanced output
Volume Control Motorized remote control RC5 compatible
Recording Tape output defeat


Input Sensitivity 100mV for 1 Volt out
Maximum Output 10 Volts
Frequency Response +/-0.1dB 15Hz-30kHz
Bandwidth 6Hz-300kHz
Signal to Noise >90dB
Distortion <0.006% @ 1kHz, 1 Volt out

Gross Weight (packed) 7kgs
Dimensions 75 x 430 x 350mm (hwd)


Brand new unit in unopened box includes all manufacturer supplied accessories.
Price includes 5% GST in Canada.
No taxes on sales outside of Canada.
We can ship worldwide.

sale price: $5990cdn
Amps :: Acurus A2002 Stereo Power Amplifier

high-end in harmony with high-tech

The two-channel utility player in the Acurus A2000 series is the A2002. This amplifier provides the basis for a value-priced high-end stereo setup or a 2-channel zone amplifier for a multi-room system rack.

An innovative ethernet control and status port is now standard on all Acurus products. This feature enhances performance and ease of use well beyond the traditional one-way 12V trigger.

Acurus A2002, 2-channel Amplifier, 120V,
US price: $2799.99 USD



high-quality, high-value stereo amplification
fully-discrete analog amplifier design
ideal companion for a high-performance 2-channel
preamp or DAC
great add-on for enhancing the stereo experience
from a multichannel-AVR
stand-alone or rack-mount capable
with optional rack mount kit
intelligent, flexible, 2-way ethernet-based control
and status monitoring
readily interfaces with popular home control solutions
solid American engineering and construction
THX Ultra2-certified

sale price: $1999.99cdn
Power Conditioner :: PS Audio Noise Harvester

Get noise right at the source.

The Noise Harvester is the world's only device that actually eliminates line noise from the home's power lines. Filters, Power Plants and conditioners either shuffle the line noise away or provide some isolation for equipment, but they do NOT eliminate or remove power line noise.
Only the Noise Harvester removes line noise and converts it to another form of energy - light!

Give your power conditioner a fighting chance by lowering the noise floor of the power line in the first place.

sale price: $119.95cdn

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