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6 A'Diva speakers with TR-1 Subwoofer

Home Surround Sound Has A Whole New Look and Sound

Looking for a slightly bigger home speaker system, complete with larger, more robust home audio speakers?

Look no farther than the A'Diva™ 6.1 package. 1" larger in diameter than our Nucleus Micro™ speaker, the A'Diva gives surround sound systems an extra degree of punch.

The perfect system for listening to your favorite "diva," this fleet of five of our 5" A'Diva home audio speakers coupled with our TR-1 subwoofer will certainly delight as well as stimulate.

The A'Diva can be positioned just about anywhere, including on a wall or ceiling, on any flat surface, or recessed in your wall or ceiling with the optional ceiling ring.
The A'Diva can also be used with the ultimate A’Diva mount - the elegant Wallflower™ stand.

Silver-Grey. Subwoofer color is also Silver-Grey

WARRANTY: One year parts and labor, 5 years on speakers and 2 years on subwoofer if product is registered within 60 days of purchase.*

sale price: $1600cdn

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