ORACLE Origine Turntable

Now Playing at American Hi-Fi

the all new Oracle Origine turntable!

Oracle's craftsmanship experience accumulated over more than 37 years went into it's design. The Oracle Origine is equipped with a brand new Oracle tonearm and can be ordered with or without a factory installed cartridge (Ortofon 2M Blue). The result is a awesomely beautiful deck that plays music with intensity and musicality!

At American Hi-Fi, we are very excited to say that
the Oracle Origine is now on display in our showroom and can be purchased for less that $ 2500 (including tonearm and cartridge)!

Oracle Audio, proudly made in Canada and sold by American Hi-Fi since 1979!

ORACLE - Paris Mk V Turntable
 ORACLE Origine Turntable   
ORACLE Delphi Mk VI Second Generation

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