Krell Foundation Ultra 4K Surround Processor

Every now and again something comes along that is so focused and so madly different from the mainstream that it stands in a category virtually of its own.
Krell has always been about no-compromise performance and always will be.

Founded in 1980, the Krell brand is known for music reproduction that fills a room with great detail and startling dynamics. The sound is open and unconstrained, in a manner that rivals live performance and the true sound of instruments. Krell engineering continues to evolve, designing innovative products that deliver best-in-class performance, flawless build quality, and outstanding value.

While the Krell brand has been built on two channel audio excellence, surround sound has been an extension of the superb engineering that goes into every Krell component.

The Krell Foundation is the most recent example of this, proving that audio quality is equally important as video quality in today's home theater systems.

One reviewer said:
"I would look to products like the $15,000 DataSat AV preamp for a comparison to the Krell's performance, and that is some very high praise, considering the nearly threefold increase in price for such a pro-grade AV preamp."

 Krell Foundation Ultra 4K Surround Processor   

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