Sanders Magtech Stereo Amplifer - Silver

The Stereo Times Most Wanted Components 2012
* Sanders Magtech Amplifier

the only amplifier with a linear, voltage regulator Patent Pending

From a review in 21st:

"The Magtech does not have a voice, per se. It's just totally free of spurious coloration and grain as it drives the hell out of your system. But what it also does is immediately reveal the strengths, and yes, weaknesses, of your system as a whole.

If your speakers, sources, and accessories are quality goods, this amp actually does take your system to another level. Other great amps also do this, but they don't cost $5,000 USD, more like $30,000 and up, sometimes way up."

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This powerful amplifier (500W into 8 ohms, 900W into 4 ohms) is the most consistent amplifier I have ever heard. Regardless of the load it performs equally well at all frequencies and never shows strain. At the same time its transparency and low noise floor allow it to fully reflect the character of upstream components and subtle nuances and harmonics. To accomplish that, Roger Sanders developed (patent pending) a voltage regulated power supply that maintains a stable voltage regardless of load or reasonable changes in the line voltage. This enables the maintenance of stable bias and unchanged distortion levels. In addition to outstanding audio performance, Roger Sanders stands behind his products (both amplifiers and loudspeakers) a lifetime warranty for the original owner.

Power (Stereo Version):
500 watts RMS per channel into an 8 ohm load
900 watts RMS per channel into a 4ohm load
Bandwidth DC through 100kHz
Class of Operation Class AB
Slew Rate 500 Volts/microsecond
Input voltage required for full output 2 Volts
Input Impedance 50kohm (both balanced and unbalanced)
Gain 26dB
Noise More than 110dB below rated output
Damping Factor Greater than 600 into an 8 ohm load
THD Less than 0.004%, 20 Hz - 20 KHz
IMD Less than 0.003%, 20 Hz - 20 KHz

Dimensions 17" wide x 5.5" tall x 16" deep
(43cm x 14cm x 40.6cm)
Weight 55 pounds (25 Kgs)


Model 10e Electrostatic Speaker
Sanders Model 10e Electrostatic Speaker System
 Sanders Magtech Stereo Amplifer - Silver   
Sanders Magtech Amplifier - Black

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