Artison Sketch LCR Speaker

Sketch is the perfect Front Channel attachable solution for the new generation of EDTV technologies. This high performance LCR has been designed for the cost conscience customer who is looking for the lifestyle advantages of a Plasma Television and the performance of a State of the Art Home Theater. With our exclusive patented DualMono™ Center Channel and Stage Technologies Sketch provides a lifelike audio system to go along with the lifestyle EDTV plasma. Designed to be integrated into the set visually with our LCR Grille and Universal Mounting Bracket Systems Sketch disappears into the television while acoustically imitating a large Home Theater System. Unbelievable dynamics, lightning quick transient response, and ruler flat frequency
response give Sketch a familiar sound of the rest of the Artison LCRs at a price that is so affordable that it can only be called “a steal”.

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 Artison Sketch LCR Speaker   

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