Artison Masterpiece LCRDM Mk2 Speakers

Masterpiece LCRDM MK2

The Masterpiece LCRDM MK2 is the culmination of years of engineering innovation, refinement, and an incredible passion for sound quality. The flagship of the Artison line, Masterpiece, is a no-compromise solution for both home theater and multi-channel music reproduction. Patented DualMonoŽ technology incorporates three dedicated channels in two sleek aluminum enclosures acoustically projecting the center channel information from the middle of the screen.

All of this technology can be mounted directly to a flat panel display and integrated with designer grilles custom made to the height and color of the TV. Or, if preferred, the LCRDM MK2 can be flush mounted In-Wall with grilles that can be painted to match the room color.

Artison Portrait LCR Speakers
 Artison Masterpiece LCRDM Mk2 Speakers   
Artison Sketch LCR Speaker

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